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The easiest way to contact Crewtoo, is to “JOIN” our mailing list and “Like” our  Facebook Page! The Crewtoo team are online every day, chatting to seafarers, sharing news and generally keeping connected with our the community. Feel free to chat with us, ask a question

If you’d rather though you can of course contact us by more traditional means, or if you would like information about anything else we do:

Simply pick up the nearest phone and dial +44 (0)151 236 4124 to speak to our Crewtoo Dept!

Fax us at: +44 (0)151 236 9907

Or if you would like to contact Crewtoo about advertising, maritime news, press enquiries or other opportunities like the Crewtoo Happiness Index, please use and we will reply the next day between 9-5GMT.

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Whilst you wait for a response from our speedy team, learn more and follow the fun at and

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