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Masters Targeted in Scam…And 4 More.


Masters Targeted in Scam

Law firm Reed Smith is reporting on a growing email scam being circulated amongst owners and charterers and, in particular, being sent to ships. These emails are being sent by scammers posing as law firms in order to distribute malware, including the latest ransom-ware. The email scam claims that legal steps in arresting a vessel are ongoing, and Masters are invited to click an document. Anyone receiving these unsolicited emails should be very careful and, if in doubt as to their authenticity, should send them to their IT support team before opening any attachments or links contained therein.


SeafarerHelp Nominated for Praise

Safety at Sea has announced the shortlist for its 2017 Awards, and SeafarerHelp has been shortlisted for ‘Shoreside Team of the Year’. Seafarers rely on shoreside support, and the Shoreside Team of the Year category recognises the efforts of the shoreside team whose actions or intervention has gone beyond the call of duty. ISWAN is delighted that the SeafarerHelp team has been shortlisted for this award, as they regularly go above and beyond their call of duty to assist seafarers and their families in distress, responding effectively and appropriately to diverse situations of varying severity.


Tackling Seafarer Obesity

Sophia Bullard, Crew Health Programme Director at UK P&I Club, comments on the fact many crewmembers fail pre-sea medical examinations due to a combination of serious illnesses linked to obesity. “It could be argued that obesity alone is a pre-cursor to other more serious conditions if nothing is done to reduce body mass index (BMI) and improve lifestyle. A BMI of 25 or above can signify a serious weight problem. Poor eating habits and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to the development of many lifestyle diseases.


Pirates Have Shipping in Sights

Across the world, pirates are setting sail on the high seas again, costing shippers and insurers hundreds of millions of dollars, after declining since the 2009 hijacking of the Maersk Alabama off Horn of Africa. Once contained by international policing efforts, piracy appears to be staging a comeback. Overall, Asia led the way with 125 instances of piracy, while West Africa had 95: Those figures included armed robbery, hijackings, kidnappings and ship boardings.


IMO Urged to Continue

A host of senior shipping officials and NGOs have reacted as one to urge the International Maritime Organization to continue its efforts to cut shipping emissions, despite President Donald Trump’s decision on Thursday to pull pull the US out of the UN’s Paris Agreement on climate change. The deal – signed off in December 2015 by 195 countries – aims to limit global warming to well below 2C above pre industrial levels, a ceiling deemed dangerous by many scientists.