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Shipping in Numbers


Shipping is a global, giant of an industry – but how big and what are the numbers that can really tell us more of what is going on, where, when and how? Let’s look at the data…

US$16.5 trillion – the value of global trade

US$133.3 billion – the value of crude oil exports from Saudi Arabia to the rest of the world

$37.85 billion – the annual cruise industry revenue for the US economy

US $15 billion – Amount being spent on new cruise ships in 2015

10 billion tons – world seaborne trade volume

US$6.2 billion – the value of grain exports from Canada to the rest of the world

US$4.5 billion the world’s most expensive yacht is the “History Supreme”. The staggering sum is owed to the solid gold and platinum used to assembly this luxury yacht.

1.8 billion Deadweight – the combined tonnage of the world’s commercial fleet

20,335,000 – Annual number of cruise ship passengers

US$10.5 million the combined sums paid by largest open registries, Panama, Liberia and Marshall Islands to the IMO

2,000,000 barrels (320,000 m3) of oil carried by “Knock Nevis” (1979–2010) the longest ship ever built.

1.4 Million – Number of seafarers globally

889,000 – Total volume of thousand tons of cargo in World’s largest port, Ningbo and Zhoustan in 2015

400,000 tons deadweight, the size of the Valemax Very Large Ore Carriers

226,963 GT he largest passenger ship in the world, MS Harmony of the Seas

90,917 vessels – the size of the global commercial fleet

19,100 twenty-foot containers – maximum capacity of “MV CSCL Globe”

10,994 meters – depth of the Challenger Deep in the Mariana Trench, the deepest known point in Earth’s oceans.

8153 – Number of vessels flagged in Panama

3185 – Number of vessels flagged in Liberia

2942 Number of vessels flagged in Marshall Islands

1,517 – The number of people killed in the sinking of the Titanic

630 megawatts – the power generated by the world’s largest offshore windfarm, the London Array off the UK

616 – Number of ships in Maersk fleet at end of 2015

285 communications cables at the bottom of the ocean, laid by cable ships

193.30 km Length of Suez Canal

172 IMO Member States – Belarus the most recent

77 km Length of Panama Canal

58 knots – speed of the fastest ship built, “Francisco”, a wave-piercing catamaran loaded with modified jet engines set to blast commuters across the River Plate, faster than any other ship in the world.

20.3 years – the average age of commercial ships

16.36 % – The size of the world fleet owned by Greek shipping interests

15.1% – Maersk’s Market share of container trade

9 IMO Secretary Generals since 1959

7 years – age of the youngest container ship to be scrapped

3 days, 10 hours, 40 minutes. Blue Riband is awarded for the record fastest crossing by transatlantic liner. The current eastbound record set by the American ocean liner “United States” in July 1952

1 – We only have one planet, so let’s keep the oceans clean