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Five Best Tips On How To Impress Your Boss


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Five tips on how to impress your boss (and still be professional!)

Here are five highly effective and well-researched tips that will put you on the right course, not just on a ship, but in life.

1) Know your boss’s priorities

A man holding a banner with the words "focus on priorities"

How to impress your boss? Know what he or she wants and do it first.

Six out of ten employees face an unnecessary professional barrier with their employer which prevents them from establishing a beneficial relationship. You don’t have to be buddies, but at least you have to know what’s important to him. It’s OK if his priorities don’t match yours, but once you know them, ensure that you give enough attention to what he wants done first.

Secondly, far too many employees concentrate on what the boss can do for them and repeatedly rattle off complaints and requests. You, however, need to think of what you can do to benefit him and offer to do it. I guarantee, you will be a welcome change.

2) Go beyond your job description

An office worker flying through a roof.

How to impress your boos? Demonstrate that you are reliable and never be afraid to show initiative.

Never be resentful of extra work; it will yield results in the long run. Everybody is sometimes asked to perform tasks that are not related to contractual responsibilities, but instead of moaning about it and looking for a more rewarding role, you will clench your teeth and accept the challenge. No job is a bad job if you look at it as an opportunity to gain experience and make your name known.

If there is no extra work available, then consider volunteering or offering extra help. Whatever you choose, always deliver what you’ve promised and try to exceed your own expectations – because once you’ve surprised yourself, you’ve most definitely surprised the big B.

3) How to impress your boss? Invest in your skills

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How to impress your boss? Invest your time in self-development.

Many of your colleagues just wait to be grown by the master. Don’t waste your time like this! Why would the captain grow you if you aren’t interested in what he needs?
If you can’t come up with a good enough reason then you’d better harness your motivation and educate yourself!

Firstly, figure out where you want to be and how to get there (if unsure, then use Tip #2 and try different jobs).

Secondly, act now! Make it a habit to study relevant material whenever you have some spare time. Also, look at popular online courses as you can access them from anywhere and study without interruption.

And finally, communicate more frequently with your colleagues in different ranks and professions, as they can update you on what happens in other parts of the ship.

4) Two easy ways to fix your mistakes… (now)

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How to impress your boss? Make mistakes and learn form them!

First of all, don’t stress out about mistakes. That is how we learn best. Believe it or not, your boss expects you to concede a few blunders. What he doesn’t welcome, however, is having to sort out your mess for you. Hence, you’d better start putting your brain where your hands are and learn to recognize potential failures.

Secondly, take credit for what you have done. Whenever you fix a mistake, inform your boss of the problem and the solution that you have implemented. Thus, you will build a reputation as a proactive problem solver – the trait every employer looks for.

5) Get soaked… the fastest way to learn

A board with "adapt or die" writing

Learn to adapt to any environment. This will make things easier.

Make it a habit to observe and absorb the working culture around you, especially if you change ships and crews frequently. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: blend into the team more easily and learn how your boss likes to have things done; pay attention to what feedback he gives to other seafarers and apply this knowledge to your input.

Now, let us talk about the politics on your ship. First of all, don’t get involved in politics. Secondly, never speak badly of your colleagues. There is always a risk of the rumours boomeranging back to you.

Instead, try to get along with everyone and thus create a good working environment. Your boss notices which person brings positive energy to the crew and if he decides to take someone under his wing – guess who that would be?