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rexrubio - 2 days ago
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im a new member here in crewtoo

tangcaag - 6 days ago
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finally im BACK!

glypers - 1 week ago
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To all Four Handy Off & Crew Have a nice voyage

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Piracy Mastermind Found
01st September 2015

The suspected mastermind behind the hijacking of an Orkim product tanker earlier this year off Malaysia has been arrested outside Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta. Read More ›

US Concerned about Tianjin Fallout
01st September 2015

There are conflicting reports about the risks for seafarers calling at the port of Tianjin, where a giant chemical fire broke out 16 days ago. Read More ›

Threat of Piracy Resurgence
01st September 2015

In northern Somalia, government officials are warning of a revival of piracy, unless foreign nations - and the naval armada patrolling the coast - do more to help create jobs and security ashore, and to combat illegal fishing at sea. Read More ›

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ISPS PFSO (approved by DfT)

17th November 2015


This three-day training course will provide port facility security officers with the training necessary to meet their obligations under the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code. Adopting practical approaches to interpreting and implementing measures will help ensure compliance with maritime security requirements.

Engine Room Resource Management (ERM)

09th November 2015


The principle aim of this course's is to reduce the risk of accidents at sea with focus on casualty prevention and human error.

STCW Elementary First Aid

22nd September 2015


To give the participants basic knowledge and skills qualifying them for lifesaving first aid, ordinary first aid in emergency situations and evacuation situations onboard ships.

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Offshore Marine Crewing Conference

08th October 2015


Why attend in 2015? Build your own unique HR strategy and discover how to recruit and retain competent crew during this tough market Receive expert guidance on overcoming local content challenges in Mexico, Brazil and West Africa Benchmark your training standards and explore specialised programmes for crane operators and DPOs

Marintec China 2015

01st December 2015

With increasing worldwide recognition and reputation throughout the past three decades, Marintec China is undoubtedly the largest and most authoritative maritime trade fair in Asia.

12th Ballast Water Management Conference

16th September 2015


Ballast water management has taken a forefront position on the agenda of many ship owners as more and more states have ratified the convention. The 12th Ballast Water Management Summit will provide you with an overview from key regulators and classification societies, case studies of ship owners’ operational experiences and their implementation experiences through the process of selection and integration of ballast water systems. There will be greater comparison between different technologies to give you better information on your selection process.

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